three of the elite beat agents - Agent Morris(left) Agent J(middle) and Agent Derek(right)

The Elite Beat Agents (EBA) is the name of a fictional government agency in the game elite beat agents. It is led by

Commander Khan and it's purpose is to motivate struggling people by dancing. In the last story of Elite Beat Agents the EBA destroys a race of music hating aliens called the Rhombulans. It's origin is unknown.


Commander Khan - Leader

Agent Cheiftan - EBA-1

Agent J - EBA-2

Agent Spin - EBA-5

Agent Morris

Agent Derek

Elite Beat Divas - Agent Starr, Agent Foxx and Agent Missy


The purpose of the EBA is to motivate people who have reached their breaking point. When they cry HEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAALPP Commander Khan will send the Agents to help the person by Dancing. The agents always appear very quickly and seem to have many methods of transport at their disposal. The agents never directly intervene, only dance to motivate the subject, although they played a large part in destroying the Rhombulans.